High value disputes within families can arise in all manner of situations, are often highly emotive and have the potential to damage family-run businesses and assets, as well as family ties. We have extensive experience acting for high net worth individuals and family members in connection with the full range of disputes relating to disputed valuable “family” assets, including:

  • Disputed wills and inheritance claims
  • Misappropriation or diversion of family assets
  • Tracing and recovery of assets
  • Unfair treatment of shareholders in family-run companies
  • Exclusion from management of family-run companies
  • Distribution of assets

We aim to resolve disputes in a collaborative manner, avoiding fuelling family tensions and the unwelcome intrusion of the media. Where possible we aim to resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration. However, if the situation requires, our formidable team of litigators have the experience, depth of resource and specialist expertise to litigate the dispute before the full range of Israel’s courts and tribunals.


  • Representing Mr. Doron Ofer and his children in proceedings before the Family Court in Tel Aviv regarding his father’s estate, the businessman Yuli Ofer and in the appeal proceeding in the District Court
  • Representing a citizen of the US before the Family Court in Ramat Gan, in a claim against her former partner, for the return of moneys given to him as a loan and in a counter-claim filed by her former partner for their recognition as common-law partners, which would grant him rights in her property
  • Representing a client in an appeal against a government office filed with the District Court, concerning a judgment of the Family Court regarding the legality of various wills left by the deceased
  • Representing a client in an application for the return of shares owned by the client’s deceased grandfather which were held by the Administrator General and the Official Receiver, including representation before the Inheritance Registrar in Jerusalem in an application for inheritance writs, an application for probate and applications for the declaration of death
  • Representing the Israel Cancer Association, which was granted part of an estate by virtue of a will, in an objection to an application for the award of excessive fees to the estate manager
  • Representing a high-net-worth individual in a multi-million dollar dispute relating to family law and overseas property ownership. The dispute concerned an Israeli attorney who claimed to be the common-law husband of the high-net-worth individual and the co-owner of her entire property