S. Horowitz & Co. was founded in 1921 by the British barrister, Harry Sacher, one of the draftsmen of the Balfour Declaration (after whom Sacher Park in Jerusalem is named). Sacher was soon joined by another British barrister named Solomon (Shalom) Horowitz.

The firm was established in Jerusalem. It began to provide legal services to the first companies and organizations to operate in what was to become the State of Israel, such as the Palestine Electric Corporation Ltd. (now known as the Israel Electric Company), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Hadassah Medical Organization and the Jewish Agency. A few years later, Sacher returned to England and left the firm to his partner, Horowitz.

With the outbreak of the War of Independence, the firm opened a branch in the growing city of Tel Aviv, on Yehuda Halevi Street. Close to the establishment of the State of Israel, Horowitz retired from the legal profession and handed over the management of the firm to his partner, Abraham Levin.

In the 1950s, Dr. Amnon Goldenberg joined the firm. Dr. Goldenberg was a gifted lawyer and within a short time acquired reputation and professional esteem and became one of the most sought after lawyers in Israel. Under Dr. Goldenberg’s leadership, S. Horowitz & Co. grew, developed and established itself as the most prominent law firm in the country.

By 1986, the firm outgrew its offices on Yehuda Halevi Street and moved to its current premises on 31 Ahad Haam Street. Presently, and following Dr. Goldenberg’s retirement in 2000, the firm continues to thrive with over 200 fee earners under the management of the next generation, continuing his, Shalom Horowitz and Harry Sacher’s  legacy of excellence.. This is borne out by firm continuing to be recognized, not only within Israel but by the major international legal directories, as Israel’s premier law firm in all aspects of commercial law.

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