The Employment Practice Team of the firm has vast experience representing clients before the entire range of Israeli labour courts, arbitration tribunals and mediation boards in cases involving individual and collective employment disputes of every kind, including:

  • Representation and advice on claims of wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, defamation of character and sexual harassment and other claims brought against employers by individual employees;
  • Representation and advice on labour disputes with employee unions and employee representatives regarding workplace conditions, pensions and employment and termination and redundancy programs;
  • Representation and advice on issues related to non-competition, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality and trade secret issues;
  • Representation and advice on issues related to unfair labor practices including wrongful termination and gender, race, sexual orientation and disability discrimination;
  • Litigation and advice on class actions involving labour disputes;
  • Advice on structural changes in the work force, changes in working conditions, redundancy programs, changes in management or share ownership, changes required in the workplace due to statutory or regulatory amendments, as well as proposed mergers or acquisitions. All of these can lead to industrial unrest, demands for union recognition or legal challenges from the workforce;
  • Advising clients on how best to mitigate the risk of any industrial action or legal challenge, whether by guiding them through any necessary consultative process or assisting in negotiations with trade unions or other employee representative bodies;
  • Advising and representing clients on issues arising from a formal request for recognition of a trade union or workers’ committee in the workplace.