Horowitz & Co. is recognized by the market as the top tier practice for dispute resolution and, in particular, for resolving disputes by way local and international arbitration. We have acted on many of the high profile, complex and high value claims to be resolved by way of arbitration, and we advise various of clients, such as Shapir Civil, Hilton Hotel Corporation, Alon Israel Oil Company Ltd., Paz Oil, Ephraim Shurka, Simplivia Healthcare Ltd., Property and Building Corp Limited., Cim Lustigman Ltd., Maccabi Healthcare Services, Gili & Yoel Azaria Ltd., Hametoeset Ltd., Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization, Ness Shoval, SC Western Segment’s Construction L.P., Sadyt, Minrav Infrastructures (1993) Ltd., building committee of the “Gimnasya Building” and Mr. Shimon Mizrahi.

Our team has extensive experience resolving disputes by way of ad hoc arbitration, including within the framework of Israel’s Arbitration Law and UNCITRAL, as well by way of local and international institutional arbitration under the aegis of the ICC and the LCIA or the domestic arbitration rules of the Institute for Consent Arbitration and the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration.

In addition to appearing and resolving claims before arbitration tribunals, our expertise also includes:

  • Reviewing and crafting arbitration clauses in agreements so that they are effective under Israeli law
  • Applying for stay proceedings brought in breach of arbitration clauses
  • Appearing before courts in order to enforce or resist the enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Setting aside or supporting the appointment of an arbitrator
  • Appealing “first instance” arbitration awards under the framework of Israel’s Arbitration Law

Members of the team are regularly appointed as sole arbitrator or as a member of an arbitration tribunal adjudicating upon claims covering a wide and diverse range of industry sectors.