We are thrilled to update you that S. Horowitz & Co., the oldest leading law firm in Israel, is this year celebrating 100 years since its establishment.

In commemoration of this historical occasion, we are proud and privileged to present to you the S. Horowitz & Co. charter, endorsed by the partners, associate lawyers and employees of the firm.

The charter is based on the principles and core values upon which our firm was founded and established, and enshrines our commitment to continue to act along their lines, with the aim of preserving, promoting and developing our firm’s unique and exclusive position and reputation:

  1. Consistent and uncompromising pursuit of excellence and professionalism, interlaced with creative and breakthrough thinking and upholding the highest and most advanced standards.
  2. Keeping up-to-date in the legal world as it evolves on all plains, both in practice and in academia, and ensuring in-depth familiarity with the legal-economic-business agenda, as well as with developing technology both in Israel and throughout the world.
  3. Absolute commitment to safeguarding our clients’ interests and placing them at the top of the priority ladder, while understanding and recognizing both their specific business areas and needs, all aimed at attaining the best outcome for our clients, not only from a legal aspect, but also from a commercial one.
  4. Working collaboratively, as one team, by constantly striving to realise organisational potential, by operating a respectful, attentive and productive work environment.
  5. Encouraging human diversity and promoting equal opportunities, with the belief that these are conditions for the firm’s strength and success.
  6. Training the legal staff and their advancement – staff that formed and form the basis for the expansion and growth of our firm and future generations – including through the unique internship method that has been customary in our firm from the outset, , which positions the interns, at the beginning of their professional journey, at the heart of legal practice.
  7. Adhering to the rules of professional ethics, and first and foremost, being respectful of the courts, while protecting the rights of our clients with fairness, devotion and maintaining respect for the profession.
  8. Respecting and strengthening the rule of the law and the Israeli legal system.
  9. Developing and strengthening collaboration and friendships with leading law firms around the world, including through the Lex Mundi organization, of which our firm is the sole Israel member and one of its founders, and by further strengthening the firm’s status in the global legal village.
  10. Social commitment by utilising the knowledge and ability of the firm for the benefit of the Israeli community and society, and to this end, by providing “pro-bono” legal consultation to deserving non-profit organizations and clients for whom it is unattainable.