As a leading Israeli law firm, we at S. Horowitz & Co. believe that part of our responsibility is to involve ourselves in society and the community.  Therefore, the firm encourages the employees to take an active part in pro bono cases and engaging in voluntary activities.



This is the eleventh year, that our firm has been providing legal advice on a voluntary basis, to women with breast cancer, as part of our collaboration with the non-profit organisation (amuta) “Onein9”. During the past year, our firm has continued to provide ongoing legal consultation to female employees concerning their rights in the workplace in general, and with regard to the disease in particular.

Kav Laoved

Our firm renders legal assistance to foreign workers who come to Israel in order to undergo agricultural training, in collaboration with the Kav laoved an non-profit organisation (amuta)—which represents foreign workers who travel to Israel for such purposes and are subsequently employed in Israel without receiving the appropriate social benefits and entitlements payable to them as required under Israeli law.

Our firm is representing ten students in legal proceedings being conducted before the National Labour Court, and is also assisting some of them in obtaining asylum due to abuse on the part of their employers. The firm’s involvement in rendering such legal assistance] began in 2021 and even today the firm’s lawyers are continuing to represent the students in claims being conducted before the Labour Courts.


Our firm provides sponsorship and support to BizTec, an entrepreneurship program founded by the Technion, and constituting one of the leading technology entrepreneurship programs in Israel.  As part of the firm’s involvement in the program, Mordehay (Moti) Malca and Miriam Zaltsman, partners in the Hi-Tech Practice Group, and Ran Vogel, partner in the Intellectual Property Practice Group, serve as mentors, give lectures to, and conduct workshops for, entrepreneurs participating in the program and also provide legal counsel to them, without charge, on a broad array of legal issues, including: founders’ agreements, intellectual property rights, the raising of capital, the incorporation of start-ups and the like.

In addition, Miriam Zaltsman and Aviv Halperin, members of the firm’s Hi-Tech Practice Group, serve as mentors in the global legal entrepreneurship and innovative program in collaboration with Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and Sapir College.  As part of the program, they accompany teams of students whose broad focus lies in the development of projects falling within the realm of legal-tech, beginning from the stage of defining the issues at hand and any associated concerns, market research, planning and creating the MVP, building a business plan] up to and until presentation of the project on Demo Day before a panel of judges comprising successful entrepreneurs in the industry.

The Jaffa Institute

(the Non-Profit Association (Amuta) for the Advancement of Education in Tel Aviv-Yafo)

Our firm plays a role in some of the social activity programs organized by the Jaffa Institute (the Non-Profit Association (Amuta) for the Advancement of Education in Tel Aviv-Yafo)—a non-profit organization (amuta) that provides a broad spectrum of social services in the Tel Aviv area and, specifically, to the residents of Jaffa, south Tel Aviv and Bat Yam, and which works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Social Services, in order to advance impoverished residents and the needy, and assist them by providing them with services falling within its scope of activities.  Within this context, the firm’s employees participate in an array of communal activities, such as: assisting the elderly, distributing food parcels, etc.

Tal Band, senior partner and and head of the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice serves as legal advisor to the amuta and is also a member of its Israel Public Council for the Advancement of Education in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

“Shiur Acher” (Another Lesson)

Our firm has for years, in fact for more than a decade, been participating in the “Shiur Acher” project, in which the non-profit association (amuta) offers up a host of volunteering activities principally focusing on the integration of diverse professionals in the school for the purpose of holding hands on meetings between disadvantaged pupils and volunteers from disparate worlds and upbringings.  Our firm plays an active role in the amuta’s activities and as part of the project, lawyers in the firm impart lessons  on issues covering citizenship, democracy and law at the school in Bat Yam, with the aim of fostering equal opportunities amongst children falling within socio-geographic peripheral groups.

In addition, as part of the “Shiur Acher” project, our firm recently arranged for pupils of Gordon School in Bat Yam to visit our offices, which our firm has also been providing support for many years.  Given that the scheduled date of the visit fell close to the festival of Purim, during their visit, the firm’s staff handed out to the pupils of those classes whom our firm has been accompanying and supporting “mishlochei manot” (Purim gift baskets filled with goodies) in celebration of the coming festival of Purim.                 


MyChild’sCancer non-profit association (amuta) was established in order to assist families of children sick with cancer locate the most suitable treatment and drugs in cases where the standard protocol for treating cancer was deficient, or where the field of cancer is so rare that the data garnered for it to date is inadequate or lacking. The amuta makes the relevant information available to families of children sick with cancer, both through teams of experts affiliated with the various types of cancer and by building a unique database of information on paediatric cancer and also assists with the provision of available treatment abroad and in accompanying the families both in Israel and abroad throughout the process.

Our firm has been supporting the amuta since its establishment, and therefore assisted it with all the legal aspects pertaining to its establishment and registration, and continues to accompany and support the amuta, and advise it on an ongoing basis, inter alia, on matters concerning its ongoing reporting to the regulatory authorities, donations, relevant legal issues in the realm of health, etc.

Areivim Funds for Almanot & Yetomim Organization

Our firm is representing Areivim Funds for Almanot & Yetomim Organization (a non-profit association (amuta) that provides charity for widows and orphans) in opposing an application seeking class action certification filed against it by several former members in connection with programs proposed by the amuta. Areivim acts for the purpose of implementing the principle of mutual responsibility and assistance through the giving of charity by its members, all of whom belong to the ultra-orthodox (haredi) sector and, thus, the “Areivim (Guarantor)” and “Areivim Be’Shlemot (Full Guarantor)” programs proposed by it accord with the values and characteristics espoused by that sector.

Yarok Hevrati (Socially Green)

A initiative that provides an essential response to businesses engaging in the field of recycling, by expanding access to their workforce by offering people with disabilities and special needs a gateway for entering the labour employment through an array of employment possibilities.

Nitzan Non-Profit Association

A project established for young people and adults with learning difficulties through which they receive all necessary assistance in order to integrate into  the community, including within the realm of protected housing.


A non-profit Jewish international organisation, that acts around the world in order to provide a safe haven for refugees who are forced to flee their homeland because of their identity, including anyone who is persecuted based on ethnic, religious and gender grounds. our firm provides a legal aid to asylum seekers who arrive to Israel.

Gesher Theatre/Friends of Gesher Theatre Association

The Association supports the unique creative works of Gesher Theatre, assists with the distribution of scholarships to actors and employees of the theatre, grants scholarships to young actors and assists with the production of plays presented by the young group of actors comprising the Gesher “Youth Studio”. Our firm provides legal consul to the association.

Telfed—South Africa Zionist Federation, Israel

A public benefit company, vastly experienced with facilitating the immigration and absorption of immigrants from South Africa and additional southern African countries, as well as the absorption of immigrants from Australia and New Zealand.