The Renovation and Preservation

Much like its inhabitant, S. Horowitz & Co., the building at 31 Ahad Haam Street, Tel Aviv, has a long history. It was erected at the end of the 1920s, and is characteristic of the type of houses that were built in the early days of the city of Tel Aviv. At the time it was built, the building was used for residential purposes. During the 1930s, a wing was added to its western side, the ground floor was converted into a commercial area and on the second floor operated the “Lev Tel Aviv” Hotel.

The economic boom of Israel during the 1990s, did not exclude S. Horowitz & Co. and soon the expansion of the firm required us to lease the nearby building on 29 Ahad Haam Street and, afterwards, a further building on 21 Yavne Street was added to the offices of the firm.

In 2007, the firm’s partners decided that the long-standing tradition of the firm as well as its roots, justify investment in the preservation and renovation of the unique buildings. In this way, the buildings can continue to serve as a home for S. Horowitz & Co., in the hub of the city of Tel Aviv, which has also become the city’s renewed central business district. The different buildings were joined into a single complex, by a glass and steel atrium. It resulted in an impressive office entrance and lobby. The use of modern and light materials allowed for the preservation of the beauty and uniqueness of the buildings, while connecting the external surroundings to the complex’s interior. Elements from the surroundings are introduced inside and complement the glass and steel towers that have sprung up in the area (Project architecture: Miriam Maiman and Bruria Shaked-Okon).

The unique architecture of the building complex, combining old and new, also reflects the spirit of S. Horowitz & Co. – the combineation of loyalty to values, excellence, and to a long-standing legal tradition together with modernism. Here, S. Horowitz & Co. continues to engage in advanced legal fields, standing at the cutting edge of the development of the legal arena and providing efficient, tailor made expert solutions to clients to their ever changing needs.