"One can always be sure of his advice which is thorough, innovative and resourceful."
By Chambers Global


Identified as ‘second to none‘ by his international clients (The Legal 500), and described as “extremely experienced and smart” (European Legal 500) as well as “a brilliant attorney with vast experience in many areas of law” (IAM 300 Strategy), Avi Ordo is widely recognized for the strength, depth and range of his practice, which is unparalleled for its level of expertise, service and diversity. Avi’s roster of clients includes numerous leading multinational corporations and entities (including S&P 500, Global 500 and other publicly listed companies) from an array of industries (including pharmaceuticals, health, insurance, government and defence, entertainment and media, aviation and transportation, telecommunications, medical devices and hi-tech), as well as foreign governments and agencies.

Avi’s practice focuses on handling, among others, complex and cross-border technology-related matters and conflicts (including class actions), particularly in the following areas of law: intellectual property, product liability and torts, professional negligence, contracts, insurance coverage, product recall and private international law.

During more than 30 years of practicing law, Avi has successfully appeared before all levels of Israeli courts and tribunals and has represented clients in many precedent-setting and high-profile cases and disputes. Avi has also represented clients in numerous local and international arbitration and mediation proceedings (including before JAMS, WIPO and ICC) and has further gained the recognition of a leading and talented mediator and arbitrator. In addition, Avi has developed a stellar reputation for acting and serving as lead counsel in major and multi-jurisdictional disputes involving the litigation of rights or conflicts in parallel proceedings in different jurisdictions.

Lastly, Avi has rendered a few expert opinions regarding Israeli law in proceedings conducted before foreign courts.

In the IP and IT arena, Avi is regarded as “a unique master in IP law (The Legal 500). Avi provides strategic legal counsel and advice designed to assist international and domestic rights holders from an array of industries in the ownership, use, enforcement, protection, freedom to operate, registration and commercialisation of their valuable intellectual property in today’s rapidly changing markets. Avi is a specialist in all areas of IP law, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and designs. He also heads the firm’s Trademarks and Designs Prosecution Department.

Avi has been consistently ranked by prominent international legal directories – including Chambers, The Legal 500, IAM Strategy 300, IAM Patent 1000, IP Stars, WTR 1000, Who’s Who Legal (Patents and Trademarks) and the International Law Office’s Client Choice award – as one of Israel’s leading IP lawyers.

These publications describe him as: a “top litigator”, “extremely bright, thorough, resourceful and commercial … plus, his cross-examination skills are simply second to none. On a scale of one to five stars, he must get six”, “able to foresee the next steps quite brilliantly in each case”, “a true standalone lawyer in the Israeli market and an absolute pleasure to work with”. They conclude by noting: “If you want to win a case, you better have Avi at your side;you won’t find a better strategist for winning a patent case and accomplishing your commercial objectives”; and that “quite simply, [Avi is] the first trademark practitioner in the country to spring to mind for many of his peers”.

In the product liability, professional negligence, insurance coverage and product recall arenas, Avi has also gained extensive experience in handling (mostly for defendants) complex and high profile matters and claims (including class actions), with potential damages amounting in billions of dollars. As in the field of IP, in these areas Avi has also collaborated with and guided many professional experts (including in complicated technical and scientific fields).

Avi has advised most of the leading international insurance companies on risk management and defending claims on behalf of their respective beneficiaries, as well as disputed coverage claims. He also advises and represents leading international manufacturers and entities across a considerable range of industries. Avi has been involved in product liability cases covering all kinds of damages, bodily or property-related, and a large number of causes of damage, such as fire or failure in design, planning, assembly or installation. Avi has also dealt with numerous product recall cases.

The Legal 500 describes Avi’s teams as a “top-class group of litigation specialists’ [which] represents major international and domestic insurance companies in corporate and commercial disputes, major class actions, subrogation claims and claims relating to professional negligence, medical negligence and personal injury”, and has also called Avi a “significant figure” in the insurance legal market. Chambers Global quoted his clients saying that he “considers arguments in depth and makes prudent judgments under pressure”. Avi was also awarded the lucrative International Law Office’s Client Choice award for litigation in Israel, while quoting his clients describing him as “a true standalone lawyer in the Israeli market and an absolute pleasure to work with”, as well as an attorney who “uniquely combines intelligence, thoroughness, a strong work ethic and the ability to translate the heavy local legal lingo into commercial sense, and his work product is consistently outstanding”. In addition, Avi was chosen by Corporate INTL magazine as Israel’s “Product Liability Lawyer of the Year”.

Avi’s contract law experience includes dealing with both contentious and non-contentious matters, such as advising on franchise law issues, as well as representing national and international entities in all kinds of contractual disputes, including with respect to the payment of royalties/licence fees, ownership of intellectual property, and enforcement and termination of distribution, agency and representation agreements.

In the private international law arena Avi has successfully dealt with conflicts regarding the scope of jurisdiction of Israeli courts, challenging the validity of service of court pleadings outside of the Israeli jurisdiction and choice of law clauses. His vast reputation in this field led him to serve as an expert in Israeli law before the High Court of Justice of England and Wales.

Languages: EnglishHebrew
Admissions: Israel Bar, 1993
Education: Tel Aviv University in collaboration with Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, LLM, Commercial Law - summa cum laude, (2004-2005)Tel Aviv University, LL.B. cum laude, (1988-1992)Tel Aviv University, BA, Economics, (1988-1991)


Avi’s intellectual property experience includes, among many others, the following:

  • Representing the owner of a leading global luxury fashion brand in multi-million NIS legal proceedings before the against two major retailers in the Israeli market, with regards to infringing activity regarding brand’s trademark. The judgement awarded the brand one of the highest amounts adjudged due to trademark infringement in Israel (CA 4918/23 Yaffi’s Fashion (2004) Ltd. et al v. Lifestyle Equities C.V et al).
  • Representing global leaders in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in numerous patent revocation and infringement proceedings.
  • Representing a global leader in the field of providing real-time road traffic information in patent revocation and infringement proceedings, including in a pioneering decision declaring the relative weakness of the presumption of validity of a granted patent that was not independently examined in Israel compared to a patent that underwent such examination (CA 2554/06 Decell Inc. v. ITIS Transportation Services Ltd.).
  • Representing a technology and innovation leader specialising in defence, civil government and cybersecurity solutions, in a multi-jurisdictional conflict concerning one of its famous trademarks used with respect to laser guided bombs.
  • Representing a global pharmaceutical leader in a series of trademark infringement cases in which it was held, including by the Supreme Court, that its blockbuster trademark is a well-known mark (MCM 1032/05 The Cosmetician Centre Ltd. et al v. Allergan Inc.).
  • Representing a leading American animation studio (a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies) in trademark conflicts versus an American apparel and fashion company (opposition to register trademark no. 264261 for “The Penguins of Madagascar”; a motion for the cancellation of trademarks no. 202757 and 202758 for “An Original Penguin by Munsingwear”).
  • Representing a leading Spanish brewery in trademark opposition proceedings versus another Spanish brewery (opposition to register trademark no. 257485 for “Estrella Galicia”).
  • Representing a leading global company in the cyber intelligence and defence market, whose parent company is listed on the NASDAQ, in several proceedings and conflicts aimed to protect its trade secrets and human resources (Leave to Appeal 9623/17 Geva v. Verint Systems Ltd.).
  • Representing the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions in a multijurisdictional copyright conflict.
  • Representing a leading global production powerhouse in conflicts regarding the protection of one of the most famous reality competition television franchises (format).
  • Representing a leading professor of law in a precedent-setting case before the Supreme Court concerning copyright protection for a work which was allegedly not expressed in any tangible form (Civil Appeal 8117/03 Inbar v. Prof. Yaakov).
  • Representing and advising a leading global technology company that provides a cloud-based web development platform in court proceedings aimed to protect its copyrights and trade secrets, and before Israel’s Knesset, with respect to an amendment to the Israel Copyright Act.
  • Representing and advising Israeli societies for the protection of rights of artists, screenwriters and directors.
  • Managing and securing the trademark and design portfolios of numerous international and local entities, including the largest franchise chain in Israel, a global online lottery service, multinational streaming services entity, and a leading manufacturer of home care, cleaning and hygiene products.
  • Submitting an expert opinion in United State District Court Western District of Texas, Austin Division, regarding the territorial nature of Israeli IP rights and other related aspects.

Avi’s vast experience in product liability and torts, professional negligence, insurance coverage and product recall includes, among many others, the following:

  • Defending leading multinational insurers and their beneficiaries, as well as top-tier multinational entities and leading advisors (including Israeli and foreign law firms and CPAs), in dozens of product liability and professional negligence claims. The vast majority of these claims were either dismissed, in limine, or settled for a negligible value.
  • Defending a multinational automotive manufacturer in a series of class actions.
  • Defending a leading and pioneering biotechnology company (listed on the NASDAQ) with respect to an incident that allegedly caused death to a participant in a clinical trial.
  • Advising and representing numerous multinational companies, from an array of industries, with respect to product recall issues in Israel, including where the recall in Israel is part of a global recall, as well as with respect to follow-up proceedings (including class actions).

Avi’s experience relating to contractual disputes includes, among many others, the following:

  • Representing the commercial arm of one of the leading academic research institutions in a multi-million dollar royalty conflict.
  • Representing the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions in a contractual dispute.
  • Representing a leading cyber company whose parent company is listed on the NASDAQ, in connection with various commercial disputes.
  • Representing hi-tech entrepreneurs in connection with their global IP rights and ownership in numerous patents concerning a device and method for heating using RF energy.
  • Representing and advising numerous leading multinational companies from an array of industries with respect to distribution, representation, agency and similar agreements, particularly with respect to the termination thereof with or without cause (including, for example: MCM (Tel-Aviv) 21415/03 Gil Medical Ltd. v. Abbott Vascular Devices Holland BV).

Avi’s experience with respect to Israeli private international law is reflected, among others, by the following:

  • Representing a global manufacturer in a precedent-setting decision in which the Supreme Court enforced, under unique circumstances, a foreign jurisdiction clause, and cancelled a previous ruling to grant a leave for service of pleadings outside of Israeli jurisdiction (Leave to Appeal 6767/15 Depotchem (1989) Ltd. v. Wacker Chemie AG).
  • Submitting an expert opinion in the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, regarding the validity of service of court pleadings effected in Israel.
  • Submitting an expert opinion in United State District Court Western District of Texas, Austin Division, regarding the applicability of the doctrine of “forum non conveniens“ under Israeli law.


Avi has been consistently ranked by prominent international legal directories as one of Israel’s leading litigators and IP lawyers. Examples include the following:

  • The Legal 500:
    • 2023: Avi was ranked as a Leading individual in the fields of Insurance, Intellectual Property: Disputes, and Intellectual Property: Filing and Prosecution: Trademarks and Copyrights:
      • Avi Ordo is one of the most experienced IP attorneys in Israel. I have known and worked with him and his firm for over 20 years. He exceptionally bright and thoughtful. He is detail-oriented and a very hard worker. He is always available and responsive.”
      • Litigator Avi Ordo is recommended for his broad practice, which spans product liability, professional negligence, insurance coverage and product recall.
    • 2022: Avi was ranked as a Leading individual in the fields of Insurance, Intellectual Property: Disputes, Trademarks and Copyrights, Filing and Prosecution.
    • Previous editions identified by Avi as a Leading Individual in both IP and Insurance law:
      • a unique master in IP law”;
      • Second to none”;
      • straight-talking, top litigator”;
      • Extremely experienced and smart”;
      • I will always contact him again if the need arises”;
      • Solves IP disputes through incisive advice and analysis, attention to detail and with a businesslike but creative approach”;
      • Very strong critical thinker”;
      • “a ‘significant figure’ in the insurance legal market”;
      • Avi Ordo is a talented, strategic, creative, and in the same time commercial and business orientated. His advice is clear, easy to understand, and always on point. Furthermore, Avi is very quick to respond, courteous and lovely to work with.
  • Chambers Global:
    • 2023:
      • Avi Ordo is a superb and brilliant lawyer who is very knowledgeable in his service, in his quality and in getting results“;
      • He is very responsive and always adds a positive contribution to any matter under his care. We find Avi Ordo to be an exceptional lawyer.”
      • 2022:
        • With Avi, one can always be sure of his advice which is thorough, innovative and resourceful. He demonstrates a full and comprehensive grasp of all the issues involved in a particular matter.
        • He is very knowledgeable, a great strategist and provides clear advice.
      • Previous editions:
        • extremely thorough, knowledgeable and a great adviser on sailing through the choppy waters of intellectual property litigation‏”.
  • WTR 1000
    • In 2022 and 2023 Avi was the only Israeli practitioner to rank in the top tier in all three categories: Gold for Enforcement and Litigation, Gold for Prosecution and Strategy, and Recommended for Transactions:
      • Avi is one of the best IP attorneys in the world who does outstanding work in all trademark matters. He has a vast knowledge of international law, is extremely responsive and is truly dedicated to the brands he works with. Avi’s superior intelligence, gifted legal reasoning and his practical approach to meeting his client’s business interests at the lowest possible cost puts him in a class above.”
    • Previous editions:
      • the first trademark practitioner in the country to spring to mind for many of his peers”;
      • A forceful litigator with an unparalleled level of experience in significant cases, he is a superb, stand-alone lawyer and a true professional”;
      • Avi’s cross-examination skills are nothing short of brilliant. He sees the big picture but, simultaneously, pays attention to detail”;
      • Extremely bright, thorough, resourceful and commercial”.
  • IAM Patent 1000:
    • 2023 edition ranked Avi in the Gold tier for Litigation:
      • Avi Ordo has fantastic knowledge of IP law. He offers impressive levels of case creativity and commercial acumen. Avi is a great strategist and delivers fantastic results, especially in complex and multi-jurisdictional issues.
    • Previous editions:
      • “Another star in the firm’s constellation is Avi Ordo, whose measured, well-thought-out advice reflects the many years he has spent as a problem solver and strategist for patent owners and as a litigator with pioneering decisions to his name: “Avi is exceptional for his knowledge, creativity, availability, dedication and thoroughness.”
    • IAM Strategy 300:
      • not only a superb advocate but a world-class IP strategist and value creator”;
      • a brilliant attorney with vast experience in many areas of law”;
      • you won’t find a better strategist for winning a patent case”.
  • Avi has been identified as a leader by Who’s Who Legal (in Insuranse, Patents and Trademarks).
  • Avi has been recognized by the WIPR Leaders Patent & Trademarks Guides as a leading IP practitioner in Israel.
  • Avi is also named in the WTR Global Leaders Guide.
  • IP Stars consistently names Avi as a Star in various IP fields.
  • Avi received the International Client Choice Award for litigation in Israel. The in-house counsels who recommended Avi for the award described him as “the best IP and litigation lawyer in Israel” and someone who “uniquely combines intelligence, thoroughness, a strong work ethic and the ability to translate the heavy local legal lingo into commercial sense, and his work product is consistently outstanding” and “able to foresee the next steps quite brilliantly in each case”. He is seen as “resourceful, eloquent and highly effective – a true standalone lawyer in the Israeli market and an absolute pleasure to work with”.

Other Activities

Avi has been a member of the following international and professional organizations:

  • IADC (International Association of Defense Counsel)
  • AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
  • ICC


Publications (Partial List):

Speaking Engagements (Partial List):

  • Arbitration vs Mediation, The Various Alternative Dispute Resolutions” (at the GLA Litigation Conference 2023, due September 2023).
  • “Copyrights Claims and Enforcement Strategies: the Defendant’s Perspective” (a roundtable at Law Faculty, Tel-Aviv University, January 2020).
  • “Patent Invalidity Court Proceedings: Israeli Law Perspective” (at the Sedona Conference on Global Aspects of Patent Litigation, November 2019).
  • “Compensation for Employee Inventions: – From the Patents Law through the ISCAR Case: Past, Present and Future” (at the 3rd IATI MNC Annual Conference, October 2015).
  • “IP LAW – New Challenges in View of a Changing Landscape” (at Lex Mundi’s IP Practice Group Global Meeting, 2014).
  • “Trademarks Disputes: Courts and Outside” (at the Workshop on Mediation of Trademarks Dispute organized  by WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center and the Israeli Patent Office, 2014).
  • “Do Business in Israel but … Always Think of the End Before you Begin” (before members of FFF (Fédération Française de la Franchise) and CCFI (Chambre de Commerce France-Israel) at their 2013 Paris Convention).
  • “The Art of Cross-Examination” (at a seminar held by the Tel Aviv District of the Israeli Bar Association, 2012).
  • “The Other Side of Mediation” (at the Alternative IP Dispute Resolution Conference held by the Israeli Chamber of Mediators, 2012).


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