We have developed significant expertise in the homeland security and defence sector, as well as the aerospace and weapon industries, all of which derive from the unique experience of our specialists in the Corporate, Commercial, M&A, IP and Litigation practice groups.

Our firm represents major corporations in the homeland security and defence sector, including S&P 500 and Global 500 companies. In addition, our firm represents some of Israel’s leading firearms and ammunition companies, as well as aerospace and drone companies.

Our teams have unrivalled expertise advising developers of innovative technologies that support military and law enforcement professionals and manufacturers, ranging from large international companies to start-ups and entrepreneurs, on the full spectrum of commercial and regulatory issues relating to the industry.

Our expertise spans the entire technological cycle, ranging from research and development to commercialization of products and knowledge, and from regulatory issues to marketing. We advise on enforcement, defence and intellectual property challenges; manufacturing and distribution arrangements; antitrust and competition issues; and litigation matters.

Additionally, our firm possesses unique experience and expertise in financing the activities of homeland security and defence sector companies, including with respect to the financing of long-term projects in this industry.

We offer the complete range of legal services for clients in the homeland security and defence sector, including:

  • A practical approach to providing sound and constructive advice to our international clients about establishing, operating, conducting and developing business and trading activities in Israel, in order to help them navigate their way through the Israeli corporate and regulatory environment.
  • Professional advice on doing business in Israel, including with respect to the advisable structure and form of incorporation, registration and protection of IP, adapting corporate practices to the Israeli market and appropriate employment methods.
  • Advising on corporate governance provisions and compliance with Israeli legislation in various areas, including business regulation, internal fraud, bribery and corruption.
  • Designing and executing internal investigations of suspected misconduct under Israeli law, on behalf of our clients. With regard to foreign practices, we have long-standing cooperation arrangements with leading foreign law firms.
  • Advising on regulatory matters, including with respect to export control permits and licences, as well as trading limitations with hostile states as defined under Israeli law.
  • Advising on M&A transactions, including unique capabilities to conduct legal due diligence of companies, thanks to our expertise in the IP and regulatory frameworks of this sector.
  • Acting for founders, investors and funds on the formation, investment, finance, operation and eventual sale of industry companies.
  • Representation in commercial and cross-border litigation, as well as in arbitration proceedings, including with respect to contractual and product liability disputes.
  • IP litigation, including patent enforcement, opposition and revocation proceedings, service inventions and trade secret disputes.
  • Providing IP analysis as well as freedom to operate opinions.
  • Trademark litigation and managing trademark portfolios, prosecution and strategic advice.