Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have seen accelerated use in recent years, sparking a revolution across various sectors, from medicine, investments, retail, law, and transportation to creative fields like image creation, music, literature, and more, driven by the advancements in generative AI. Despite its dramatic impact on industries, the use of artificial intelligence presents numerous challenges, raising complex legal, regulatory, and ethical issues in this fast-evolving landscape. This innovative field, at the forefront of global regulatory and legislative trends, demands unique expertise and encompasses a wide range of aspects.

Our firm’s artificial intelligence practice group, led by Dr. Eyal Brook and supported by a dedicated team of partners spanning high-tech, cyber, privacy, transactions, and intellectual property, specializes in this emerging legal domain. We offer legal counsel on aspects related to AI technology development, licensing, protection, and usage. Our goal is to assist in navigating the intricate legal, regulatory, ethical, and commercial challenges inherent in this dynamic field and its integration.

This department advises both international and domestic clients across various sectors, including technology, creative industries, and financial services. We provide guidance on legal and regulatory compliance, ethical issues related to AI, intellectual property commercialization and protection, mergers and acquisitions, risk assessment, and strategic advice to minimize the disruptive technology’s associated risks. Our aim is to add value by mitigating risks and offering strategic advice to avoid litigation. However, in unavoidable instances of litigation, we provide effective and experienced representation.

Dr. Eyal Brook has authored a doctoral thesis on artificial intelligence and music, along with numerous leading articles, significantly contributing to the advancement of this field. Currently serving as a senior research fellow at the Shamgar Institute for Digital Innovation at Tel Aviv University, we remain dedicated to tracking developments in this rapidly evolving legal sphere.