We advise individuals resident in Israel as well as those planning to immigrate to or work in Israel on all aspects pertaining to their personal taxation. We have extensive experience advising individuals and  families and providing them with tailored legal and tax services. Our expertise includes: tax planning and advising high net worth individuals and their families; advising on the use of trusts and other vehicles as tax efficient structures for holding property and other like investments; providing advice on the preservation of tax incentives and exemptions; and proposing the most lucrative means for dealing with tax issues emanating from family disputes.

We have a long history advising overseas clients and providing them with the most efficient and cost-saving international tax planning and advice, concomitant with their needs. When devising efficient tax structures for our clients, we take into account any possible tax exposure that may arise in their “home” jurisdiction and the availability of any double taxation treaties (to the extent existing). We have a strong international emphasis and, where necessary, we collaborate and join forces with leading foreign tax advisors and specialists in order to provide our clients with high-quality seamless and suitably-structured tax advisory services.