Our world is becoming ever more globalised and our economies increasingly interconnected. Travel and relocation for work is part of the world of employment in all sectors and fields of activity. Our Employment Practice Team has vast experience assisting our clients navigate the world of foreign employees. We regularly consult our diverse client profile, consisting of hi-tech companies, industrial firms, financial institutions, building contractors, public and private organizations etc., both local and international.

We regularly consult with respect to matters relating to transnational employment of corporate executives, experts and professionals, including:

  • Assisting our clients in becoming acquainted with laws and regulations governing the employment of foreign nationals in Israel;
  • Assisting our clients in obtaining the relevant permits and visas required for the employment of foreign nationals in Israel;
  • Consulting and advising throughout the entire process of bringing a foreign national to work in Israel: assessing costs and legal obligations; applying, extending and contesting the relevant visas and permits from the relevant authorities; applicability of local laws and regulations with respect to all employee rights, benefits and other remunerations in all types and fields of employment;
  • Drafting relevant agreements and other documents with respect to transnational employment.