One of the advantages of our Employment Law Practice Team is the fact that it is a professional practice within a big law firm, enabling our customers to receive the very best all round consulting with respect to all aspects necessary as employers, including in the fields of regulations and fair practices and their enforcement.

In Israel, much of employment law is aimed at regulating what the governing authorities deem the basic standard of employment, as well as the nature of the employment relations themselves. Non-compliance can cause harm to a client’s name and interfere with the client’s practical ability to conduct business. This requires our clients to be well-versed in an expansive world of regulations that affect them as employers, and we can provide consultation on all these matters: administrative law, privacy and data protection, prohibitions on harassment, taxation, employment benefits, pensions and insurance, antitrust, intellectual property, trafficking and many other fields. This includes:

  • Consulting and assisting our clients to familiarize themselves with the Israeli regulator and relevant authorities;
  • Assisting our clients in building a reputable name and brand in the eyes of their existing and prospective clients, employees, market and relevant authorities;
  • Helping to assess and manage risk and exposure with respect to changing regulations, particularly when adapting company policy to local regulatory requirements;
  • Conducting processes of due diligence with respect to operations in Israel and under the Israeli regulator and Israeli law;
  • Drafting and assisting in adapting employment agreements to local law and regulatory requirements;
  • Providing ongoing consultation on matters arising during the course of employment relations with respect to regulations and legal requirements;
  • Providing legal opinions, and where necessary, representing our clients vis-à-vis local authorities, including in contesting claims against them or administrative enforcement procedures with respect to non-compliance or unfair practices.