The White Collar, Investigations and Compliance group of S. Horowitz & Co. has extensive experience, spanning over decades of defending white collar crimes and regulatory offences. The firm has handled some of the most prominent and precedential white collar cases in Israel, and has maintained its reputation as one of Israel’s leading law firms, with a dedicated team specializing in defending white collar crimes. As a part of one of Israel’s largest premier law firms, our group provides integrated and comprehensive service to our clients, regarding all the legal aspects arising from complex and cross-border cases.

Our group is recognised for providing legal representation to international corporations and leading Israeli companies and key officers therein, in complex, high-profile litigation cases of strategic importance, in a wide range of criminal proceedings. Our services encompass all stages of legal proceedings, from criminal investigation, through hearings and contacts with various law enforcement agencies and regulators, all the way to the trial stage and appeals to all judicial instances.

Over the years, the White Collar, Investigations and Compliance group has gathered a portfolio covering a wide variety of white collar crimes, including: antitrust and competition, tax, securities law, corruption and bribery, money laundering, enemy trading and homeland security, computer and internet offenses, sweepstakes and gambling, environmental law, business licensing, planning and construction offences, workplace safety, pharmaceuticals, traffic, disciplinary proceedings at the Civil Service Disciplinary Tribunal, consumerism offenses, and more.

The group’s clients are leading Israeli and International corporations, including Fortune Global 500 companies, governmental institutions, banks, NGOs and high-ranking office holders in the Israeli economy.

The group often provides legal opinions to leading Israeli and international entities on their ongoing business operations, regarding various criminal and regulatory matters, and advises its clients on corporate governance provisions and compliance with Israeli legislation. Our group also designs and conducts, on behalf of our clients, internal investigations and compliance programs in various areas, including corruption and bribery, securities law, antitrust and competition, environmental protection and work safety. These programs are tailored to the corporate client’s individual characteristics, risk factors and business activities, and aim to inculcate a culture of compliance within the corporation, reduce the occurrence of violations, internal fraud, misconduct and incidents pertaining to their activities, as well as to protect the corporation and its office holders from sanctions arising from violations. The group has extensive experience working with leading law firms in the United States and Europe, advising on corporate governance matters and conducting internal investigations under foreign corruption and bribery laws.

Furthermore, the White Collar, Investigations and Compliance Group regularly advises and works on various legislative and regulatory procedures, which could have implications on the extent of criminal and administrative exposure faced by various clients.