Horowitz & Co. is recognized as a leader in the field of real estate, acting on some of the largest and most complex real estate transactions, projects and developments in Israel. Our team has comprehensive experience in all types of real estate projects – both commercial and residential – and is involved in all legal aspects of projects including acquisitions, dispositions, project tenders, “combinations” and other forms of joint ventures, property and land development, offices, construction, sale and leasebacks, commercial leasing and real estate financing.

Where necessary, our real estate team works together with our dispute resolution, environmental law, planning and land use, real estate tax, and other practice groups in order to enable us to provide our clients with a dedicated partner-led full service of the highest calibre for virtually every kind of real estate project and dispute.

Our clients include international and domestic developers, owners, entrepreneurs, managers, concessionaires, tenants, project companies, developers, consortia, financial institutions, management companies, civil engineers, architects, government companies and agencies.

Our expertise in this regard includes:

  • Negotiating commercial and residential real estate agreements.
  • The structuring and formation of joint venture and “combination” agreements.
  • Conducting negotiations with the relevant authorities including the Israel Land Authority, the planning authorities, Israel’s land registration offices, relevant local authorities and various government offices.
  • The acquisition, leasing and sale of office buildings, research and development centres, retail centres, vacant lots and other property portfolios.
  • Representing developers – including purchase and construction groups – with respect to all types of real estate development projects.
  • Representing owners, contractors and entrepreneurs in all types of urban renewal projects, including “Evacuation and Construction” agreements and agreements for executing projects in accordance with National Outline Plan 38 (Tama 38).
  • Representing entrepreneurs and advising on leases with respect to shared workspace projects and transactions.
  • Representing entrepreneurs regarding the establishment and operation of long-term rental projects for hundreds of residential units in several major cities in Israel.
  • Representing rights holders and buyers in land-related transactions for kibbutzim and moshavim.
  • Representing lenders and borrowers in connection with real estate financing transactions.
  • Working with international property advisors on commercial lettings for multi-nationals setting up business in Israel.
  • Representing parties in connection with the dissolution of real estate partnerships.
  • Drafting various documents covering an array of property transactions including construction contracts, service provider agreements and tender documents.

Handling all aspects of the regulation of land rights including dealing with the relevant authorities tasked with overseeing, regulating and handling real estate and ancillary matters, such as the Land Registration Office and the Israel Land Authority.

Urban Renewal

Within our expertise, we are fully immersed in an array of urban renewal projects, including National Outline Plans 38/1 and 38/2 (“TAMA 38”), “Evacuation and Construction” (“Pinui Binui”) and “Construction and Evacuation” (“Binui Pinui”) and all ancillary aspects, including: transactions, taxation, construction, licensing and regulatory matters.

Our urban renewal clientele spans public and private developers, entrepreneurs, owners, management companies, construction companies and contractors, civil engineers, investors, landlords and tenants. We represent clients regarding urban renewal projects both from the perspective of the apartment owners and from the perspective of the contractors and entrepreneurs.

We provide advice on these projects at all stages of their planning and implementation, from organization of the parties and signature of the various agreements, to representation in negotiations, providing assistance and advice throughout the planning stage, procuring all necessary permits from the official authorities, acting against owners who contest the project, providing representation regarding the construction of the new apartments, ensuring registration of the rights in the new apartments on the existing owners’ names and facilitating the sale of the new additional apartments that are built. Some of the projects include entire suburbs that will be evacuated and demolished with thousands of apartments constructed in their stead.