Under Israeli law, monopolies and “concentration groups” are subject to strict rules and regulations.

An abuse of market power by a monopolist may give rise to high administrative fines, as well as torts which may give rise to civil claims (including class actions) seeking substantial damages, injunctions and other civil remedies.

Even in the absence of abusive conduct, the Israel Competition Authority may declare an entity a monopoly, which would subject the monopolist to certain limitations in the way it may conduct business, including specific limitations tailor-made by the authorities.

We have substantial experience acting for international and local companies from a wide range of industries, which face monopoly allegations and whose market conduct is the subject of investigation or other legal proceedings.

We have an excellent understanding of the legal and economic issues determining market definition and the relevant product markets in which our clients operate.

Our expertise includes:

  • Acting for clients being investigated by the Competition Authority on grounds of alleged abuse of a dominant position.
  • Representing clients in administrative fines proceedings based on allegations of abusive conduct.
  • Challenging monopoly declarations made by the Competition Authority.
  • Defending clients whose business practices are alleged to constitute an abuse of a dominant position in individual or class actions, as well as in administrative proceedings.
  • Advising on whether business practices may carry the risk of being considered market abuse.
  • We also have extensive experience acting for clients challenging business practices carried out by monopolies and “concentration groups” in Israel.