*Translation from an article published in Globes in 23/10/2022. For the Hebrew article in Globes, click here >>

Generational Handover at S. Horowitz & Co.: 3 New Managing Partners

Attorneys Benny Sheffer, Amit Steinman and Eran Bezalel will be responsible, along with new Board members, for the ongoing management of the firm · Attorneys Shuki Horesh, Alex Hertman and Tal Band, who headed the firm for many years, will continue to guide management as senior partners in the firm and as part of the Board

Generational handover in the legal market: well-established S. Horowitz & Co. decided to appoint 3 new managing partners – attorneys Benny Sheffer, Amit Steinman and Eran Bezalel. The three, along with the new Board, will be responsible for the ongoing management of the firm, with close to 350 employees, 200 of which are attorneys. Attorneys Shuki Horesh, Alex Hertman and Tal Band, who headed the firm for many years, will continue to guide its management as senior partners and as part of the Board of Directors.

At the beginning of the week, the firm announced a change in its executive management and a significant change in its management structure, including the establishment of a Board of Directors that includes six partners, in addition to new managers. The firm reported that the decision was made following a structured process for generational handover initiated by management and after an in-depth thought process. It was further stated, “This enables the firm to continue its tradition of growth, most of which is growth from within, and is yet another expression of trust in its unique method of nurturing and empowering attorneys.”

Training the next generation of management

The three new managers interned and grew in the firm. Adv. Benny Sheffer (52) interned at the firm in 1997 in the field of infrastructure and project financing and is engaged in diverse litigation. Adv. Amit Steinman (51) interned at the firm in 1997. After several years with a law firm in New York, he rejoined the firm as a partner, and today he leads mergers and acquisitions for global clients. Adv. Eran Bezalel (47) started with the firm in 1999 as an intern. For over 20 years, he has litigated a variety of civil and administrative cases, and he heads the firm’s tender practice.

Adv. Tal Band, who has managed the firm up until now, said, “I am proud to introduce you to this lineup of leading partners, who are not only outstanding attorneys, but also promising managers. I am positive that they will do well and move the firm forward, with the spirit of revitalization and growth, into its next century of activity. Our executive has been working for several years to promote a well-defined generational handover process and to train the new management lineup, and we will be here to provide them with any assistance and support as they set out on this new course.

Adv. Udi Arzi will serve as Chairman of the Board. Arzi is an experienced litigator who heads the firm’s banking and insolvency practice. Additional appointments include Adv. Leor Nouman, who chairs the Tax Practice Group; Adv. Moti Malca, who heads the High-Tech Departments; Adv. Michelle Liberman, a partner in the Commercial Transactions Department, who until recently served as Chair of the global Lex Mundi network; Adv. Eliya Zunz Koller, who manages the Administrative Law practice; Adv. Dovev Apel, partner in the Intellectual Property Department and head of the firm’s pharmaceutical regulation practice; and Adv. Noam Zamir, partner in the firm’s corporate litigation practice.