Opening the regulatory gates for a significant registration of cannabis-based medical preparations, will hopefully lead to the long awaited breakthrough in the medical cannabis market, after which the patent wars will begin. In Israel, which is currently spearheading the medicalization of cannabis, many companies and research institutes are already involved in the R&D process with the aim of identifying the potential inherent in this market and in the hope and expectation of registering a medical preparation and successfully marketing it, while at the same time generating substantial profits.

Alongside this, it should be remembered that the greater the commercial success of a company, so will be greater the motivation of companies who own intellectual proprietary rights to bite into their profits or even prevent their continued business activities. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to prepare in advance for the patent wars in this field.

To read the full article (in Hebrew) – “To Prepare for Patent Wars in the Cannabis Field”, written by partners Tal Band and Ran Vogel, as published in The Marker’s ‘Green Gold’ magazine, click here >>