Senior members of the legal industry in the insolvency field gathered for the DUNS100 forum 2022, at which S. Horowitz & Co.’s partner, Adv. Ran Feldman, member of our Dispute Resolution Practice Group, also participated.

During the forum, which was hosted by Baruch Kara, Channel 13 legal correspondent and commentator, senior industry executives discussed important issues on the professional agenda, including whether the role of Official Receiver and Public Trustee should be split into two separate positions; the list of trustees published in January; an extension of Amendment 4 to the Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation Law as well as the effect of rising interest rates in the economy coupled with recession fears.

Experts predict that there will be a significant increase in both debt and debtors in 2022. Nonetheless, data presented during the forum reveals that the number of companies seeking to enter into insolvency proceedings has not increased significantly.

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