Today “World Intellectual Property Day” is being marked throughout the world, the purpose of which is to promote the awareness of the impact of intellectual property rights on everyday life.

The World Intellectual Property Organization, known in short as “WIPO”, has decided to focus this year on the connection between intellectual property and small and medium-sized enterprises and of intellectual property being the growth engine enabling their development, nurturing, market penetration and business success.

We have accordingly chosen to mark this day with a spotlight on Cligal Tech Ltd., and its founder, Adv. Dor Goldiner.

The company markets innovative software called “Cligal” which Dor began to develop in 2017, while being employed as a lawyer in our firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group.

Today the software is being used by thousands of lawyers and interns and accounts for the most popular legal software in Israel.

We are extremely proud of Dor and his success and wish him, and our other clients, continued creativity and success.

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