“Upon the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, there was an initial shockwave throughout the world. At first, everyone “sat tight” and waited, and there was a slowdown in business activity. However, after the initial period, everyone took a deep breath, realized where things stood and began to free up funds.
In January 2021 things started to pick up again, and now there are also many opportunities in the market.”

Shortly after ending her tenure as Chairperson of the Lex Mundi international organization, Michelle Liberman, partner in our firm’s Commercial Practice Group, sums up a busy year serving in that role in a special interview to Maariv “Business” section, where she speaks about the professional challenges faced during the COVID-19 year alongside new business opportunities, about COVID-19 resources adopted in different countries around the globe, about equality for women in the legal profession, about combining motherhood with a career and she even answers the question whether there is a concern that technology will replace lawyers in the future.

To read the full interview in Maariv (in Hebrew), click here >> https://lnkd.in/d_XHQGh